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7.05.2011 |

Android Apps Ireland


Android Application Development in Ireland

Since its release in October,2008 , Android phones rapidly becoming a market leader in sales in the world. They are outpreforming Apple and Nokia together. We have over 2 years of experience developing applications for Android phones.

Android Mobile applications are fast gaining ground and constantly evolving to give users, richer and faster experiences.

Android is the first free, open, and fully customizable mobile platform that acts as a complete framework for mobile devices, which essentially includes an operating system, middleware, and applications.   

One of many reasons why Android has gained great popularity lately is because it is Open Source, which allows us and other developers to access the Android source code and build innovative Android platform applications just by downloading the Android SDK.

Smartweb can offer your company to develop an Android apps that are simple or complex depending on your specific requirements. We create innovative, dynamic applications including business apps, organizers and utility apps, creative apps, all giving the user the maximum experience.  


To find out more about our Android apps please contact us here.   Our latest Android app developed by our team-   DealTime.ie Mobile is the Android application designed to interact with a classified ad board website Dealtime.ie to allow you to browse ads, post and manage ads over Wi-Fi or 3G connection of your Android.