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Software Development

We are delighted to offer our clients custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development, iPhone and Windows Mobile Apps development services. We can develop your online application to do exactly what you want it to, no matter how complex.

Software Development

It occurred to us so many times, when we heard our customers complaining about the line of business applications that they were using, it seemed to them that software developers decided to make users suffer and developed that “time and cost saving” application. In many cases after taking a closer look on the things, it was clear, that software developers either failed to capture the full cycle of business processes or developed it in a way that they thought was right and user friendly without any consideration for an actual user. Also in many cases there was a big problem with a post-sale support, which was more significant issue if any problems arose.

The main areas of expertise are:

Client/Server Applications 

Various types of systems that require users to access centrally stored and processed data without overloading user’s computer, thus increasing productivity. Server hardware is utilised for data processing to speed up end user’s experience

Desktop Applications 

Software applications that are designed to run on a standalone computer. E.g. membership systems for gyms, casinos or stock take for hotels. Charity donation tracking systems

Database Design and Development 

Every business generates data, but most of them do it in their own particular way. We have experience in development database solutions that significantly simplify data sharing, management and storage in order to allow you to run your business more efficiently

Data Migration 

Do you have a legacy database application needing migration to the latest supported platforms, or has your current database application outgrown its original platform? We are the experts in data Transformation, data cleansing, database tuning & optimisation and application migration

Mobile Software Development

Nowadays mobility is one of the key factors in order to get successful in business. Your potential clients can go somewhere else if they don't hear from you in time and you loose on business and sometimes on reputation. Mobile applications can make sure you stay on the top of things all the time and wherever you are, be it following up with the client, managing your schedule, checking emails or tracking your work hours. Now it can be done directly from your phone! Especially, since Smartphone sales are booming and the technology backing it up is mature enough to provide the ease of use. We can develop mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Windows mobile operating systems

iPhone Application Development 

Release of iPhone so far was the biggest success for Apple and the number of users is growing, especially with the release of iPhone 4. We have over 2 years of experience in the iPhone application development and deployment.

Android Application Development 

Since its release in October,2008 , Android phones rapidly becaming a market leader in sales in the world. They are outpreforming Apple and Nokia together. We have over 1 year of experience developing applications for Android phones.

Windows Mobile Application

Windows Mobile phones where the first to offer all the features currently found in most of the smartphones today. A lot of applications were developed for this system that are in use by couriers, enforcement agencies, utility companies, companies that have mobile staff. We have over 4 years of experience working with Windows Mobile